Jessica Matson-Fluto




I am often inspired by an emotion, a feeling, a dream, a thought, or a form that I feel the need to capture or interpret.  Other times, my love of the materials is enough to start the creation process.  The untouched canvas, the slippery, tactile paint pushed across a surface, and the softness of the charcoal marks can inspire a piece without any initial intent.  While working, the unexpected will sometimes surface, leading my work into a new direction.  These “happy accidents” can add a fresh quality or help loosen up a work that may become too rigorous.

Many of the figures in my work are based upon imagined interpretations of myself and those familiar to me.  I often portray these ‘beings’ as either suspended, drifting, or trapped in space.  Such dreamlike images construe my own journey of self-discovery and represent an ongoing investigation after a life-altering assault changed my own perceptions and ways of seeing the world.  That haunting experience prompted an ongoing series of self-portraits that continue to weave through my body of work.  My images tend to either be strongly premeditated, or come to the canvas involuntarily, guided by my medium.

My images that do not have recognizable human forms do contain references to human existence.  These images consist of proverbial rooms or abstract spaces once occupied physically or mentally.  I am also inspired by and create work based upon objects that I feel exude a relative human persona.

I make work to learn more about myself, my dreams, others around me, and the spaces and objects that we occupy.  I paint to reveal what I know, and in the process I hope to learn something new.